Mobile Shooting Range

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Features and Options
360° ballistic positive containment
Multi- hit, laminated bullet resistant glasses
Heavy Duty Suspension System
Heavy Duty Braking System
Runflat Tyres inserts
Ventilation System with HEPA filtration
Bullet resistant control room/ operator’s station
Anti-ricochet treatment
Interior and Exterior acoustic treatments
Lighting system
Standard shore power hook-up
Stow-able stairs
Levelling jacks
Onboard generators
CCTV system with remote monitor
Shooting dividers
Overhead monorail targets
Laser shot- thermal shot virtual target system

Buckler’s mobile shooting range meet the specified requirements of law enforcement training, concealed carry tutelage and certification, and also offers a new experience for law enforcement officials.

Our fully-armoured Mobile Shooting Range with automated target deploy and retrieval systems, modular workstations, storage cabinets, secure weapon locker. It is a completely self-contained, mobile live-fire training platform providing a 10m shooting distance; perfect for on-location/ multiple-location live-fire judgmental training or other qualification and practice all in a customized in a semi-trailer 40 ft container.