Mobile Kitchen



Features and Options
Fully engineered HVAC system
Reinforced ladder
Fire extinguishers
Tube steel frame construction
Automatic door openers
Pass- Thru compartments
Raised/elevated platforms
High performance interior and exterior coating systems
External lighting: 4 side 100W LED floodlight
Fixed and operable windows
Reflective glass film
Different interlocking mechanisms
Heavy duty swing or sliding doors (full glass, half glass, vision panel, or solid without glass) with heavy duty hinges.
Roaster/ Ovens/frying pans
Emergency lighting/ interior lighting systems

The armored Toyota Hilux is a choice vehicle utilized by corporations and governments worldwide. We provide armored conversions of Toyota Hiluxes. Our lightweight armoring technology is loved by clients because it is prudent and reliable. This bullet proof’s rugged construction, coupled with how we pay concise attention to detail, provides a all round defense.

Looking closely at the Toyota brand brand itself, your goings never get stalled as you get support service. This 4×4 armored Hilux can run with diesel or gasoline engines, and comes with extra options like run-flat tires and electric door handles to repel any threat. This armored civilian vehicle fully protects you against high powered rifles and IED bombs.

We would love to hear from you to discuss a customized armoring package and tender a free quote.