Body Armour



We are equipped with a range of high-quality equipment that increases efficiency and the scale of production. Our headquarters house our sales and marketing, customer services, accounts and the technical teams. Each team provides detailed records and statistic of their work to allow for continual research and improved efficiency. Our consistent research uses statistical analysis and detailed equipment to continually develop and improve all our products, these are regularly passed onto customer and clients for constant feedback.
Armour Specification
Our tactical vest is 100% customizable with multiple protection and threats options available. If you want protection, you can rely on Buckler Systems. Buckler Systems has offices in Nigeria and the UK, these offices house complete research and development and production facilities with the capability of producing and distributing a wide range of body armour. The products we offer includes a range of bulletproof, stab-proof, spike-proof vests that has been certified to withstand fragmentation and explosion protection NATO STANAG 2920 to 400-450m/s standard. Each vest is customized with 600D polyester that is suitable for all weather, with 6 pockets and buckle closures & fasteners. One size fit all.
Features and Option
Light weight approximately 2.4kg

Advanced sweat control ventilation lining

Adjustable Padded Shoulder Straps

Quick-Release Buckles

4 Magazine Pockets

2 Utility Pockets

As a leading designer of body armour, our goal is to deliver the best amour carrier systems to the military, law enforcement and private security forces across the world. Our range of tactical vests are carefully engineered with highest quality materials available on the market to meet the perfect balance between comfort and protection customized with ballistic nylon, adjustable padded shoulder straps and quick-release buckles. It also includes 4 magazine pockets, 2 utility pockets and snap loops for hook-up to pistol belt.