Ballistic Helmet



Armour Specification
Our ballistic helmet is 100% customizable with advanced ceramic composites that provide the ergonomic design with no lip or ear coverage area to ensure maximum flexibility and comfort. Also, it can be customized for multiple protection and various threat options. It provides up to NIJ 3A level of protection that can stop Magnum 44, with high cut for headset, 10 pad liners for comfort, 1.45 kg inch rails and mounts for camera.
Features and Options
O₂ Mask
COMs headset
Weapon light
Fragmentation Face Shield
Ballistic Face Shield
NVD mount
4 point chin strap harness with integrated nape guard and quick release fastener.
4 point suspension with adjustable circumferential headband and height of crown
7 pad suspension upgrade to headband suspension
GoPro camera
Up-armour side covers
Protective visor
NVG Glasses
Picatinny Rail adapter
Ergonomic design ensuring maximum coverage
Helmet cover/bag
VAS shroud and picatinny rails
High-tenacity ballistic aramid fibre, mixed with a thermoplastic resin
Mesh suspension system
Dial adjustment system
Foam padding system

Buckler’s Ballistic helmet is designed to provide extra comfort, increase stability, balance while being applied by the military and special forces as a protective gear for tactical operations. It is compatible with all weather temperature conditions, water/moisture and flame. Our helmets are capable of protecting the head from thrown projectiles, ballistic impact, low-velocity impacts, and other head strike hazards likely to be encountered in the field. It can be customized in various colours and sizes to adapt to its applicator’s needs.