Armoured Security Cabin

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Overview & Armour Specification
Our security check post/ cabins are built to protect your security personnel with 360-degree ballistic steel against 7.62mm, 5.56mm and 2 no. DM51 hand grenade (or ny NIJ or UL level of protection), blast and fragmentation protection, multi-hit laminated ballistic glasses. Our Security cabins provides up to 9mm to .50 M2AP ballistic protection.
Features and options
360° Armouring
Fully engineered HVAC system
Tube steel frame construction
Automatic door openers
Pass- Thru compartments
Built in restroom facilities (ADA compliant)
Raised/elevated platforms
High performance interior and exterior coating systems
Gunports and windows
Gun turret
Audio system for external communication
External lighting: 4 side 100W LED floodlight
Fixed and operable windows
Reflective glass film
Panic bar exit devices
Different interlocking mechanisms
Heavy duty swing or sliding doors (full glass, half glass, vision panel, or solid without glass) with heavy duty hinges.

Our armoured security cabins are customized to protect the watchkeeping personnel from bullets and explosive attacks. Armoured security cabins are the best solution to protect the entrance of high-risk areas such as government house, military bases, prisons and barracks. Armoured security cabins are considered the core of the entire security system you might have, since guards, sentries, sentinels and watchmen are always the best deterrent for crimes.