Armoured Saloon Car

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Standard Armoring Details
Entire passenger compartment armored with light synthetic fiber laminates and air hardened, heat treated ballistic alloys
Includes doors, roof, floor, pillar posts, etc. while minimizing weight added weight.

Original glass replaced with layered glass, acrylic, polycarbonate laminates
Maintains the original appearance and design with superior optics.

Reinforced suspension
Run-flat tires
Elitus Overlaps system
Armored battery, radiator protection, ECM and fuel tank
Operable windows available
Optional Equipment and Accessories
Take a look at the additional features Team Buckler can work out for you. Contact our team to learn more about our custom armoring solutions.

Bomb Blankets
External Listening Device
Smoke Screen System
Run Flat Tires
Electric Door Handles
Bulletproof Glass
What happens during the armouring process?
Vehicle is disassembled - every part is labelled and securely stored.

Prepare bodywork cavities for armouring.

Upgrade suspension, door hinges, and install run flat tyres.

Install armour including light-weight body armour and ballistic glass.

Install ballistic protection to floor and roof.

Reassemble vehicle to look as good as new.

Buckler’s range of armoured saloon cars has over the years rightly caught the heart of many. They have proven effective, elegant and comfy. The effectiveness of our armoured saloon cars is enhanced by the unique armouring components we offer. According to our customers choices, special features are added like run-flat tires, external siren/ PA systems and our overlap system. We’ll be glad you reach us for information on different stages and characteristics.

Our Armoured Saloon Cars possess all the luxurious features you’ve always wanted, most feature a V-12 engine, 510 hp and 612 lb-ft of peak tongue and the gadgets to take you with uttermost comfort anywhere in the world. Most brands have  improved their saloon cars by adding: parking guidance, rear view camera, heated multi function steering, memory enabled 12- way power front seats and paddle shifters.

With any saloon car armoured by Buckler Systems; you can now drive safely in the real secured sense of it.