Armoured Personnel Carrier



Vehicle Overview
Buckler’s APC comes with both standard/advanced features some of which are advanced door locking systems, emergency exit, hatches, gun ports, a remotely operated sensor roof-mounted turret, an 18,000-lb electric winch, a 7.62mm/12.7mm machine gun, a 30mm grenade launcher and anti-tank missile system and much more. This vehicle provides the mobility, reliability required of an operational vehicle kin the mission field as well as adequate situational awareness wide field of view and an electronic night vision system to help you see in the dark.

We can customize our APC to suit various tactical missions including personnel transportation, search/rescue and medical evacuation, command and control operations, surveillance and more.
Features and Options
360° Armouring
ECU protection System
Sirens/PA systems and Emergency lights
360° cameras
Crowd control features
Heavy Duty Front bumper/ Bull bar
Radiator Protection and Under body protection
Heavy duty suspension system
Heavy duty brake and tyres
Anti-blast mine seats
Front and Rear Air Conditioning
Gun Ports and Protected Fuel Tank
Run-flat tyre Inserts
Battery Box protection
Fire Suppression System
Multi-Mission Sensors

Buckler’s Armoured Personnel Carriers (APC) are used to convey soldiers and equipments to places of interest shielding them from possible threats. Our APCs are built to protect the police or military assets onboard and securely convey them to the mission field. Not all APCs are deployed to a straight-fire battle. However, our vehicles are equipped to carry out a base level of attack and armoured to provide protection against projectiles, shrapnels and other threats.