Armoured Bus

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Standard Armouring Features
Colour coded bumper

3600 Ballistic steel protection against 7.62mm, 5.56mm and 2 no. DM51 hand grenade

Multi-hit, laminated Bullet Resistant Glasses

Heavy Duty Suspension System

Runflat Tyres Inserts

Emergency Light and Public Address System

Battery and ECU Protection

Elitus Overlaps System

Fuel Tank Protection

Radiator Protection

Roof Hatch

Battery Shut off System

Bomb Blankets

Smoke Screen System

Listening System

Electric Door Handles

Road Tack Dispensing System.
Optional Equipment and Accessories
Colour coded bumper

Dual Halogen Headlamps

Outside Rear view Mirror

Center and Rear Side door

Power Door lock (Front & Back)

Front & Rear Cooler and heater

Semi high back Passengers Seats

Power Steering

Power Door Lock


4 Speaker Radio

Seating Capacity: 30 Seater, 8 rows

Impact absorbing steering wheel

High Mount stop light

Anti- Lock Brake System (ABS)

SRS Airbag Driver

Brakes: Front Disc and Rear Drum

Driver 3 point seat belt

Passenger 3 Point seat belt


Rear Differential Lock

Tyres-700R16 LT 12PR 9Dual Rear Tyres)

6 In Line Cylinders

Fuel Tank Capacity (Litres) 95

Dimensions : Length x Width x Height (mm) 6990 x 2025 x 2600

Ground Clearance 185mm

Minimum Turning Radius 7.2 metres

Gross Vehicle weight/Kerb Weight - 5670kg

Kerb Weight - 3420kg

Pay load 2250kg

Buckler’s Armoured Bus is an ideal platform for passenger/high profile asset transportation. It  is is available with both diesel and gasoline engines with a 5-speed manual or automatic gearbox and can be armoured to the CEN B6/NIJ Level III specifications while maintaining a discrete profile. In order to support the weight of the armouring and providing a high seating capacity, Buckler has designed specific upgrades for the Armoured Bus to exploit the vehicle’s life cycle and make it a reliable platform for protected mobility.

Our Armoured Bus can easily withstand an ambush or attack and can defeat improvised explosive devices (IED) and mines. These are the bushes you see in movies but come equipped with our Buckler standard lightweight options that can protect group in the event of an attack.