Armoured Ambulance

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Vehicle Overview
Buckler’s armoured ambulance is designed to transport a medical crew of 4 as well as 4 patients, and can be armoured up to level 3A protection STANAG 4569. It is designed with all the necessary medical equipment required for first aid. It is made to accommodate an ambulance type stretcher and reaches a maximum speed of 90 km/h.
Features and Options
Reinforced door hinges
360° Armouring
ECU protection System
Sirens/PA systems
Crowd control features
Heavy Duty Front bumper/ Bull bar
Radiator Protection
Runflat Tyre Inserts
Heavy duty tyre
Front and Rear Air Conditioning
Protected Fuel Tank
Run-flat Insert Systems
Battery Box protection
Fire Suppression System
Multi-Mission Sensors
Emergency stretcher belt foldable wheels
Portable stretcher with handles
Emergency paramedic First Aid Kit
Defibrillator Monitor
Oxygen tanks storage
Ambulance warning lights
Electric siren with amplifier
Microphone and speaker set for siren
Main cot stretcher with safety belts
Room lamp
Linoleum on plywood floor
Rear step
Medical cabinet with water tank and basin
Fire extinguisher
Fixed-type intravenous feeding hook
Illuminated ambulance signboard
Magnetic searchlight with extension
Rear roof spotlight
Manually operated resuscitator set
Portable electric suction pump First aid kit
Red cross marks and red crescent marks
Ambulance marks

We design and manufacture armoured ambulances that withstand ballistics attacks and blasts while administering trauma medical care even right within the proximity of battle.