Amphibious Tactical Vehicle

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Vehicle Overview
Our ATV uses a boat-like hull design and powerful water jets to make it one of the world’s best amphibious tactical vehicles, deployable and recovered from Landing Ship, Dock (LSD) and landing platform/dock (LPD). It is armed with a.50 cal machine gun and MK19 40mm grenade machine gun. The vehicles aluminium hull is all welded to protect its three-man crew and 21 combat troops from small arms fire, while the 400hp turbocharged diesel V-8 engine provides it with a maximum speed of 72kmph on land.
Features and Options
Reinforced door hinges
360° cameras
Heavy Duty Front bumper/ Bull bar
Sirens/PA systems
Emergency lights
360° cameras
Heavy Duty Front bumper/ Bull bar
Radiator Protection
V- shaped Hull Under belly protection
Independent suspension system
Heavy duty tyre
Anti-blast mine seats
Front and Rear Air Conditioning
Gun Ports and Protected Fuel Tank
Run-flat Insert Systems
Battery Box protection
Fire Suppression System
Multi-Mission Sensors

Buckler’s Amphibious Tactical Vehicle (ATV) is developed for valiant naval forces to engage in tactical marine and submarine combats, ground combat manoeuvres, defense and assault. It is launched from Navy amphibious ships at a ship to shore distance of up to 25nm beyond visual horizon. The ATV can transit to shore at high speed and travel inland up to 200 miles without refuelling. Once refuelled the vehicles have a range up to 340 miles.